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Trump’s Excuses for Overthrowing the Election Won’t Hold Up in Court, Says Former Justice Department Official

Donald Trump has been trying to blame his lawyers for his attempt to overthrow the 2020 election, but a former Justice Department official says that won’t work.


Mary McCord, former Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for National Security, says that Trump’s excuses are not going to hold up in court. She explains that even if Trump believed that the election was stolen, he still would not be allowed to orchestrate a scheme of fake electors or put unlawful pressure on state officials.

McCord also says that Trump’s claim that he was “just joking” about his attempts to overthrow the government is not credible. She points out that the conspiracy pretty much did come to fruition, and that Trump’s lawyers have repeatedly told him that there was no significant fraud in the election.

Finally, McCord says that Trump cannot rely on the co-conspirators’ voice as a defense. She notes that most of the unindicted co-conspirators were acting as lawyers, and that Trump cannot just cherry-pick around when all of his lawyers are telling him there’s no significant fraud.


See the conversation in the clip below or at the link here.

Former DOJ official takes down each of Donald Trump’s defenses for 2020 election

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