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Trump’s Feud with Fox News Continues: Now He’s Accusing the Network of Using Unflattering Photos of Him

Donald Trump has accused Fox News of using unflattering photos of him in an attempt to damage his reputation. Trump, who is considering running for president in 2024, said that he has been asked by people on the campaign trail why Fox News uses “horrible” pictures of him. He also claimed that Fox News’ ratings have fallen because of its negative coverage of him.


Trump did not specify which photos he was referring to, but he said that Fox News “must sit and look at 100 different shots, and then take the 10 absolute worst.” He also said that his staff has complained about the issue to Fox News for months, but to no avail.

Fox News has not yet responded to Trump’s allegations.


In addition to accusing Fox News of using unflattering photos of him, Trump has also attacked the network as “fake news.” He made these comments in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, after CNN published an audio recording of him discussing how he was in possession of “highly confidential” Pentagon paper during a meeting at his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, in July 2021.

Trump dismissed the investigation into him as a “hoax” and said that the audio recording “provides context, proving, once again, that President Trump did nothing wrong at all.”

A spokesperson for Trump’s campaign echoed these comments, saying that the audio recording “proves, once again, that President Trump did nothing wrong at all.” The spokesperson also said that the media and the Trump-haters were “all too willing to take the bait, falling for another Democrat-DOJ hoax, hook, line, and sinker.”

It remains to be seen whether Trump’s allegations against Fox News will have any impact on the network’s ratings. However, his comments have certainly added fuel to the fire of the ongoing feud between Trump and Fox News.

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