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Trump’s Loyalty to Nauta: How Long Will It Last?

Donald Trump has so far remained loyal to Walt Nauta, who has been charged with helping him move and hide classified documents. However, it is unclear how long Trump will continue to support Nauta.


Nauta, a 40-year-old military veteran, served as Trump’s “Diet Coke valet” in the White House. He was later paid $135,000 by a pro-Trump PAC to serve as Trump’s executive assistant.

Trump has praised Nauta as a “wonderful man” and a “Great Patriot.” However, Slate reports that Trump’s goodwill could be short-lived. The article cites the example of Michael Cohen, a former Trump ally who was sentenced to three years in prison for tax fraud. Cohen said that his relationship with Trump turned sour after he was charged.

It is possible that Trump will eventually turn on Nauta if he is found guilty of the charges against him. However, it is also possible that Trump will continue to support Nauta, even if he is convicted. Only time will tell how long Trump’s loyalty will last.

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