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Trump’s “Proof” of Election Fraud Was Just a Bunch of Letters and Tear Sheets, Says Former Arizona House Speaker

Former Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers was interviewed by the FBI about his role in the 2020 election.

Bowers told CNN that he was interviewed by the FBI about three months ago. He said that he offered the FBI “nothing new” and that they seemed to be familiar with his previous testimony.

Bowers also said that he did not turn over any documents to the FBI, but that he had given some to his attorney and retained others himself. He said that he did not know if the documents were important or not.

Bowers also described the “proof” that he was given by Trump administration officials. He said that he had asked for the names of all the illegal aliens, dead people, and service members who had their ballots stolen. He said that the Trump administration officials told him that they had this information, but that it never came.

Instead, Bowers said that he was given “a couple of letters from a legal professors, a term paper from one of his colleagues, a bunch of tear sheets for ballots, and ballot entries and exits.” He said that there were no names in this “proof,” and that it was “entertaining” but not very helpful.

Bowers’s interview with the FBI is part of the ongoing special counsel investigation into allegations of election interference. The investigation is being led by former federal prosecutor John Durham.

It is unclear what the FBI was looking for in its interview with Bowers. However, his testimony could be important to the investigation, as he was one of the top Republican officials in Arizona who refused to help Trump overturn the results of the election.

Bowers’s interview with the FBI is also a sign that the special counsel investigation is ongoing and that it is still gathering evidence. The investigation is likely to continue for some time, and it is possible that more charges could be filed.

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