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Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Power Play: “Let’s have 7, 8, or Even 9 Justices”

Former President Donald Trump said on Friday that he wants to appoint more conservative Supreme Court justices, commenting: “Let’s have seven or eight or maybe even nine.”

Trump’s remarks follow a string of Supreme Court rulings this week which have outraged many progressives, including judgments blocking President Biden’s student debt relief plan and ending affirmative action in college education. During Trump’s presidency, he was able to appoint three Supreme Court justices, dramatically altering the court’s ideological composition.

Trump is currently running for the 2024 Republican Party nomination with polling giving him a commanding lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is in second place. If reelected to the White House, he may have the chance to appoint additional justices, if incumbents retire or die, with the Supreme Court currently housing six justices appointed by Republican presidents, and three by their Democratic counterparts.

On Friday Trump discussed the recent Supreme Court rulings in Philadelphia, at a summit hosted by the right-wing Moms for Liberty campaign group.

He commented: “You know many president’s never get the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice. I had three, they are gold. They are not happy about that.

“And maybe we’ll get three or four more. Can you imagine? Let’s have seven. Let’s have seven or eight or maybe even nine.”

Trump’s remarks have been met with mixed reactions. Some conservatives have praised his calls for more conservative justices, while others have warned that expanding the size of the Supreme Court would be a dangerous precedent.

It remains to be seen whether Trump will have the opportunity to appoint more justices to the Supreme Court. However, his remarks suggest that he is eager to continue to reshape the court in his own image.


Trump’s remarks about wanting to appoint more conservative Supreme Court justices are significant for several reasons. First, they show that he is still very interested in shaping the court’s ideological composition. Second, they suggest that he is willing to take steps to expand the size of the court if necessary. Third, they could further polarize the debate over the Supreme Court.

It is important to note that Trump’s remarks are just that – remarks. He has not yet taken any steps to expand the size of the court, and it is unclear whether he would be able to do so even if he wanted to. However, his comments are a reminder of the power that the president has to shape the Supreme Court, and they could have a significant impact on the court’s future.