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‘Turning clock back to 1988’: Heat show off iconic classic jersey for 35th anniversary

Heat show off iconic classic jersey for 35th anniversary; The Heat are turning the clock back to 1988.

One of the best teams in the league when it comes to uniforms is none other than the Miami Heat. Over the last few seasons, they have provided fans with some of the best outfits in the NBA thanks to their embrace of the “Vice City” aesthetic. Vibrant blues and pinks have graced their city edition jerseys, and there is no doubt that these uniforms have been among the most popular to ever grace an NBA court.

Now, the Heat are taking it back to 1988 as the team celebrates its 35th anniversary of existence. 1988 was their inaugural year, and to commemorate that, the team has come through with a classic edition jersey that is an exact replica of the franchise’s first-ever home jersey.

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The jersey itself is pretty simple as “HEAT” is written across the front in bold red lettering. The jersey is predominantly white with these big red accents, while some orange also presents itself. This makes for a dope jersey that fully embodies the “Heat” look that the team was going for back in the day.

Classic jerseys always play well to the crowd, and we’re sure fans will be lining up to cop these once they finally become available.

Let us know what you think of this shoe, in the comments down below.

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