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Twisted! Trump Jr.’s Girlfriend Drops Biden ‘Suicide Watch’ Bombshell on Newsmax

Kimberly Guilfoyle recently railed against President Joe Biden during an appearance on Newsmax with the usual conservative talking points but added a curious twist via Media Ite.

It has been noted that Guilfoyle, who is engaged to Donald Trump Jr., spoke with Carl Higbie on Wednesday. She boosted former President Donald Trump and ripped Biden. Higbie contrasted what he sees as unequal treatment of Trump and Biden by the Department of Justice.

“The bigger problem that I see here is the comparison of how Joe Biden and Hunter [Biden] have been treated versus Donald Trump, and now that is glaring,” Higbie said. “Look, there’s investigations about– going back to 2010 about how he mishandled classified documents. He did not have declassification authority. His home was not raided, but Donald Trump’s was. How can even independents reconcile voting from Joe Biden?”

“You know, they can’t,” Guilfoyle said. “And I think you make a great point because independents are actually saying, ‘This is enough.’ Like, it’s actually only helping Donald Trump.”


She then claimed Biden is on “suicide watch.”

“I mean, listen, they’ve got like, you know, Joe Biden on like, slip and fall suicide watch,” she continued. “And one more fall from this, you know, Looney Tune, this clown of a president, and it’s over. That’s what they’re worried about. Now he’s got to dress up and weird outfits like Fetterman so he doesn’t slip. He’s got to wear tennis shoes or whatever. They’re gonna put him in a scooter next. I don’t know.”

Guilfoyle was reacting to a report in Axios this week stating that Biden’s team is seeking to minimize the chances of the president taking a tumble by having him wear tennis shoes and shortening the number of steps to board and deplane Air Force One.

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