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Two Arrested in Connection with Murders of 3 Aspiring Rappers Found in Highland Park

Michigan State Police are confident they are moving in the right direction in the investigation of the three murdered aspiring rappers, Armani Kelly, Dante Wicker, and Montoya Givens. The young men were last seen together on January 21st, on their way to a gig in Detroit’s East Side, which was canceled last minute. The bodies of the three were discovered in an abandoned apartment building in Highland Park on Thursday, and police have since arrested two men in connection to the murders.

The first man was arrested in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Friday morning, and the second was brought into custody in Detroit last week. Michigan State Police have been searching the apartment building for evidence to build a case against whoever killed the three young men. First Lt. Mike Shaw of Michigan State Police stated that the investigation is “heading in the right direction” and encouraged anyone who has information to contact them.

The families of the victims have been devastated by the news and are hoping for justice. Lorrie Kemp, Armani Kelly’s mother, said “I know in my gut, my heart, he’s done.” The families of the victims are hoping that the investigation will lead to the arrest of the perpetrators, and that justice will be served.

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