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Unbelievable Discovery: Sailor Spots Floating Coffin, Opens It to a Shocking Surprise!


The water and its capricious nature can kill. Are there deadly creatures? Absolutely. Well, not everything can or will kill you. There are enough dangerous animals that you’re never completely safe.

Does the weather change rapidly and can it destroy ships? Of course it has and will continue to do so for as long as humans go out in boats. Do rogue waves sweep coastlines and pull people to their death every year? Do rip currents take people out to sea and drown them or kill them by exposure? Of course, some of these dangers can be mitigated by improving skills and knowledge.

Some cannot. What it comes down to is this. Do you allow fear to rule your life, or do you swim in the ocean, climb into a kayak or boat, fish at the beach, and generally live your life in the way you enjoy? There’s a particularly magical feeling of steering at night or finding a star that matches your chorus and following it. That’s what the second line of the poem means.


The sea has many different characters, and each has many different moods. When an old sailor claimed to have sailed the seven seas, he didn’t mean exactly seven. He many experienced and come to understand its many different moods and characters. There’s a wonderful pleasure in being in a sound vessel in a challenging sea. You learn to trust your ship and to listen to her even in your sleep, and you know as soon as she’s in trouble.

And hopefully you also know what to do about it. Being genuinely in distress at sea is never a forgotten experience like being under fire in battle. It’ll change you forever. Whatever the outcome, I have nightmares about some of the stupid things I’ve done or might have done, but not about anything I’ve done or experienced at sea. Even when other people’s unpreparedness or just plain stupidity has put me at risk.

The sea is just if you’re prepared, you’re safe enough and life is for living. There’s a reason so many movies are about creepy and haunting things happening at sea. The ocean is deep, dark, cold, R-I-P. Jack Dawson and full of weird creatures, some of which are bigger than houses and others that literally feast on blood. No wonder sailors allegedly drink so much.

Panic and fear last week gripped villagers in Macone following the discovery of small coffin that was floating in a dam near the river. A group of fishermen discover the shocking coffin. Shocked villagers in Kiromizu are rushed to inform the village headman, Mr. David Jerry. When the headman Jerry arrived at the scene, the coffin had been moved from dam to the River Bank outside the water body.


Hundreds of villagers gathered to witness the drama and some movement inside the coffin prompted Headman Jerry to open it. A big live snake and live Road Runner chicken were found inside the coffin. Headman Jerry confirmed the incident and said after the discovery, he immediately alerted police chief in the county, a traditional healer. Sakimui was dispatched to a system to the villagers surprise. When Sakimu opened the coffin, he found a decomposed black owl, a winnowing basket and other paraphernalia associated with underworld activities inside.

Some villagers called me on Monday evening informing me that they had found a coffin near the dam and I advised them to call the police. When I arrived, I discovered that there were some movements inside the coffin, said Headman Jerry. I gathered enough courage and opened it. I was shocked to see a big black snake and a chicken. Some villagers also peeped and saw what I saw.

I’m very sure that was a snake and a chicken. We closed the coffin, fearing that the snake and the chicken would escape. It was my first time to encounter something so mysterious. I immediately contacted police chief in the county to investigate the accident. The fisherman was paralyzed after he had through this night.

Before we arrived, he said that he heard voices coming from inside the coffin. I immediately contacted the police chief of the county who advised us to get a hold of Sakimui for assistance. We kept guard of the coffin. However, when Sakimui opened the coffin, we were all shocked to discover that the snake and chicken had disappeared with a decomposing black owl winnowing basket and some dumb was replacing them, he said. Headman Jerry said that the coffin spent the night at his homestead under the guard of Sakimui and other villagers.


Sakimui intended to carry out a cleansing ceremony the following morning. He burnt the coffin, but it was interrupted by the police before he could finish the cleansing ceremony as the swelling crowd was contravening regulations. The traditional healer also didn’t have valid practicing certificates. Sakimui was later released police chief called for a thorough investigation of the issue. Evil deeds must be exposed in public.

These issues are dealt with in a traditional way and that’s why I seconded a traditional healer to deal with the issues, said the police chief. Acting medical and Provincial Police Speaker, Assistant Inspector Shai Hanku said they summoned Sakimui for questioning and clarification on the issue. This was sadly accident rumored Floating coffin seen on a local radio station’s Facebook post triggers complaints,

investigation turns up much less frightening truth A recent post made by a radio station has triggered some fears and complaints of safety after the post showed an object that looked like a coffin in the South River. South river is a tributary Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis in the US state of Maryland, but after an investigation, the true reality of the object was discovered. Mysterious Floating Coffin Spotted After an investigation by the police, it turned out to be something much less frightening.

As for reports, the objects seen in the post resembled a coffin turned out to be just a concrete slab that was a floating dock. After complaints were made Department of Natural Resources police made their way to the river, where a hydrographic operations team recovered the floating dock and pulled it out of the water before it was discovered that the object was not a coffin. Multiple people had commented on the post. One person said that they hoped that the coffin was retrieved soon and put to rest in an appropriate fashion. Another Commenter stated that the object in the picture resembled a casket from the Victorian era, while another said float float on.


The rumored coffin that actually turned out to be a dock was removed from the river on September 3. Mysterious Deep Sea Fish Captured after Earthquake In another incident involving fishing out unusual things from water bodies following a strong earthquake, a fisherman from the Philippines was able to catch a giant Deepsea fish known as Opafish using just a hook and line. The fish is also commonly called a Moonfish, weighs 65 kg, and is usually found at the depths of about 500 meters. According to reports, the deep sea fish may have been frightened by the earthquake and thus made its way towards the surface. The deep sea fish was sold at the nearby market for about four point $11 per kilogram.

No matter how they ended up on the floating waters, it was a strange sight to behold. Chinese newspaper Xinman Daily News said the coffins were initially seen near Block 15 Upper Boon Kang Road, and the Straits Times quoted a funeral director from Lee Chung Heng Undertaker as saying that the coffins were likely imported and didn’t go through a suitable disposal after the bodies were dealt with.

However, it’s still unclear how they landed in the river and whether the authorities have since removed them. Apparently, the photos from Shinmen Daily News showed shipping labels on the coffins, which could aid in identifying the people responsible for them. In addition, the National Environmental Agency’s website says a coffin import permit is needed to repatriate the body of a Singaporean of permanent resident into the country for cremation or burial.

It goes back into the deep recesses of human history before recorded times. Our remote ancestors realized early on that dead bodies, left unattended out in the open, are torn to pieces by wild animals feasting on a free meal. In addition, the sight of a Wolf grabbing the body part of a relative or tribal member may be too repulsive to bear. Humans realized as well that burial or cremation was necessary for hygienic purposes. After a while, decay sets in and the owner is a bad one.


A few possibilities presented themselves. The two most obvious were burial favorite in the west and cremation by use of a fire or fire favorite in India, usually followed by burial of the bones. The necessity of burial and or cremation comes up in early literature.

For example, in Sophocles play Antigone, the young woman Antigone is ordered by King Creon not to give a burial for her brother because the young man died trying to overthrow the King. Creon wants to make an example of rebels Letting their corpses lie out in the open and rot.

However, antignony defies the order, even willing to face execution for it because she believes that to not bury the dead is an outrage against the gods. Wood caskets do not seal. As wood is porous to water, There will be no point in trying to seal all the joints. It wouldn’t do any good for metal caskets. Some seal, some do not.

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