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Unbelievable: He was abandoned on the streets for being overweight, but what they overlooked will shock you!

This is the story of Esteban, a judge who used to handle all sorts of crimes and criminals in his work but stumbled upon something unexpected on the streets instead of in the courtroom. It was the most horrifying case he had ever come across.

It all began one afternoon when Esteban left his office after a particularly challenging day. The previous night, he had signed divorce papers, abruptly ending his years-long marriage. His wife offered no explanation, leaving him bewildered and unable to focus on his work that day. Feeling exhausted, Esteban decided not to go straight home, as the loneliness of his empty house, once filled with his wife’s presence, seemed unbearable. In a seemingly impulsive decision, he embarked on a wandering journey through the city streets to pass the time.

During his aimless wanderings, Esteban noticed what appeared to be a haphazardly stacked pile of garbage. However, as he drew closer, he realized the unusual color of the garbage bag resembled human flesh. To his horror, Esteban discovered that the lump was, in fact, the naked body of a severely obese individual. Without hesitation and disregarding his own safety, Esteban stopped his car and rushed to help the man, fearing that the attackers might still be nearby. With great difficulty, he managed to lift the obese man into his car and attempted to revive him to no avail.

Driven by desperation, Esteban raced to the nearest hospital, where the unconscious obese man was admitted, launching a battle against death. Though it wasn’t Esteban’s duty as a judge to investigate, he couldn’t remain passive. He filed a lawsuit against the unknown culprits responsible for the man’s brutal assault. However, identifying the victim proved challenging since he had no personal identification documents and was found naked. Complicating matters further, the area lacked any security cameras. It seemed as if the attackers had carefully planned their heinous act to avoid detection.

Eventually, the man’s fingerprints matched those in the police database, revealing his name to be Victor. A few years prior, Victor had been arrested for brandishing a weapon at a restaurant, only to be found with a toy gun. Testimonies from the people present indicated that Victor hadn’t harmed anyone and had appeared kind. During the trial, Victor’s remorseful demeanor, combined with the defense’s evidence and arguments, convinced the judge to sentence him to probation. It became apparent that Victor posed no threat to society and that his actions at the restaurant were likely the desperate acts of an emotionally unstable individual, potentially driven by his struggle with obesity.

However, Esteban’s disappointment grew when he discovered that the investigators assigned to the case did not share his doubts. They concluded, based on Victor’s background, that his actions were yet another manifestation of depression stemming from his obesity. Since there were no other suspects, the case was considered closed. Even the bruises on Victor’s body were explained as a result of fainting on the street. Determined to uncover the truth, Esteban delved into the court files and located the psychologist who had treated Victor.

Gaining the psychologist’s trust proved challenging, as Esteban had no legal grounds to request information about Victor’s sessions without a court order. However, after explaining his personal involvement in the case and his pursuit of the truth, the psychologist reluctantly shared Victor’s diaries. Within those pages, Esteban uncovered a terrifying truth.

Victor, the youngest of three brothers from a wealthy family, had suffered from morbid obesity since his teenage years. However, the torment he endured at the hands of his siblings made his life unbearable. Despite their father leaving all the family properties solely to Victor, hoping it would put an end to the siblings’ mockery, they only intensified their abuses. Their ultimate goal was to drive Victor to suicide, allowing them to inherit their late father’s fortune.

Believing that life behind bars would be a relief from his brothers’ torment, Victor attempted to rob a restaurant, planning to be caught by the police. However, in the midst of his desperate act, he had a change of heart, avoiding incarceration. While newspapers did not explicitly detail what happened on the day Victor was found beaten and naked on the street, Esteban had no doubt that his brothers were the culprits. They had tried to murder him in order to secure their inheritance. Armed with this knowledge, Esteban issued an arrest warrant for Victor’s brothers, who were apprehended soon after.

During the trial, the brothers confessed to their plot, revealing their intentions to murder Victor and seize his inheritance. Astonishingly, their meticulously devised plan overlooked one crucial detail.

Upon their father’s death, he had legally ensured that only Victor would inherit the family fortune. If Victor had died, his siblings would have gained nothing. Instead, the money would have gone to a foundation assisting those affected by obesity.

Fortunately, Victor survived the ordeal. He and Esteban developed a strong friendship, which provided Victor with the strength and determination to pursue a journey of nutrition, exercise, and self-improvement. Overcoming his extreme obesity, Victor transformed his life, grateful for the second chance fate had given him.

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