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Unbelievable video shows nude blood-covered man fleeing attacker in Toronto

Unbelievable video shows nude blood-covered man fleeing attacker in Toronto.
Whether you’ve lived in Toronto for years or have just visited a few times, it’s very likely you’ve witnessed some sort of unhinged event in the city.

From people using live snakes as weapons during street fights to that one viral and chaotic Yonge-Dundas scene complete with a karaoke show in front of someone being loaded into an ambulance, the 6ix sees more than enough bizarre moments on any given day to make for a lifetime of stories to tell your grandchildren.

This week, yet another episode of Toronto the Wild was caught on camera, and no matter how bonkers the city is known to be, this event seemed more like something out of a movie than something that actually took place on our streets.


The brief clip, which has amassed more than 55k views after being shared to social media on Friday morning, shows a deranged and appalling few moments of a man running down a residential road completely butt-naked and covered head-to-toe in what appears to be blood.

The individual is quite evidently fleeing an attacker, who can be seen pursuing him from some metres behind, a long weapon in hand. A firetruck at one point drives by with lights flashing — presumably on the way to an unrelated call — ahead of a number of other cars on the fairly busy street.

Despite this, the attacker is unfazed, calmly walking towards the other man, who keeps jogging away while intermittently glancing backwards.

It’s unclear how the situation arose, and why the victim was completely nude while his attacker remained clothed, but people on Twitter are already coming up with theories, many of them involving someone being caught in a bed that they shouldn’t have been in.


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