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Unsuspecting Teen Flees Dollar Store, Seizes Elderly Woman – Little Does He Know His Aunt Caught It All on Camera! What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind!


In Experiment, Georgia, the 81-year-old woman drove herself to a local Dollar General.All she needed was a soda.

Due to a recent injury, she was having some trouble walking.When she stumbled many people saw but did nothing to help. Nothing.

Then one 17-year-old high school student did help. Watch the video and find out more.I am glad someone finally had the right idea to help the woman.


What did all the other people think would happen to them if they helped?

Are we all so self-centered now that we can’t help an older person who is struggling?

I am impressed that the one person that did help her was a teenager.

We all think teenagers today are ‘wild and crazy’ – this young man was the only decent human being around.


I am glad his Aunt Connie was able to catch this sweet moment on video!

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