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Video: Joe Budden Calls Adam22 “Disgusting” Over Kevin Samuels Content

Budden had all the smoke for Adam while confronting him on how he handled Kevin Samuels’s death. Adam fiercely defended himself.

Months after his untimely death, Kevin Samuels is at the center of a debate between Joe Budden and Adam 22. Samuels was a figure with a devoted following, and as controversial as he was in life, he continued to be in death. His remarks about women were labeled misogynistic and his lifestyle was often called into question, and when he passed away, moments of his Livestreams and interviews were reshared, causing a viral firestorm on Samuels’s content.

No Jumper’s Adam22 reportedly used the opportunity to share moments from his interview with Samuels, and it was a move that Joe Budden didn’t think was appropriate. While on The Joe Budden Podcast, the famed host mentioned Samuels, to which Adam22 said, “Rest in peace.” Budden quickly retorted, “I don’t like what you did after he died.”

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“Disgusting,” Budden repeatedly said. “The nastiest performance I’ve ever seen.” Adam told Budden it’s an “insane position for somebody in media to hold.” He added, “What is your job as a content creator? Your job is to make content and get that content out to the people that want to see it.” Budden disagreed, but Adam continued, “Somebody dies, there’s a huge demand for that content, you re-upload it, people see it on their subscription feed, they click on it because this is a very talked-about thing.”

Once again, Budden did not align with Adam’s remarks and continued to call his viewpoint “disgusting.”

“He didn’t slander his name, he just re-uploaded everything on Kevin Samuels in the moment that he died,” said Budden. Adam22 explained that almost immediately after Samuels’s death was confirmed, he began releasing clips of Samuels because people wanted to see that content. Budden took an issue with that.

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“It was nasty, Adam,” he said, condemning the No Jumper star for capitalizing on a tragedy prior to Samuels’s loved ones being properly notified. When Adam questioned how he was capitalizing if it is the content that people want, Budden told him to turn off monetization. That launched another debate about having a moral compass as a media professional.

Check out the exchange below.

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