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Video: Man and his stepson are SHOT to death by neighbour over voice in their apartment

A shocking video shows the moment a neighbour killed a father and his stepson in cold blood in a Brooklyn apartment hallway during an argument over noise on Sunday night, October 29.


The incident

The distressing footage starts with a man dressed in all black pacing angrily outside his neighbours’ apartment on the fourth floor of 1418 Brooklyn Avenue in a well-known East Flatbush housing complex.

A woman emerges from the apartment and exchanges words with the neighbour, who was identified by police Tuesday as Jason Pass, 47.


A short time later, the woman is joined by her son, identified by police as 27-year-old Chinwai Mode. The video has no audio, so it is unknown what was said during the exchange.

Moments later, Mode’s stepfather, 47-year-old school bus driver Bladimy Mathurin, marches out of the apartment brandishing a pair of scissors and angrily confronts the neighbour, the video shows.

His wife tries to drag him away, but the dad of four, who was also a body builder pushed her back.


The murder

At that moment, the verbal dispute takes a harrowing turn when the neighbour in black pulls out a handgun and aims it at Mathurin.

Mathurin spots the gun but refuses to run. He turns around and begins walking toward his apartment, at which point the neighbour opens fire and shoots Mathurin, who falls to the floor.

Mode, who was also in the hallway, tries to get away from the gunman, but the neighbour fires multiple shots at him, including at least twice after he had collapsed in a pool of his own blood next to a staircase while the woman quickly ran to her apartment.


The suspect then returns to Mathurin, who is still alive and struggling to get up, and shoots him execution-style on his own doorstep.

The murder suspect flee

Having killed the two men, the gunman observes the scene before stepping into an elevator, which he takes down to the street and flees.

Mathurin’s inconsolable wife, Marie Delille, said her family, originally from Haiti, has been locked in a years-long dispute about noise with their downstairs neighbour.


NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said Tuesday that there were six previous 311 calls about noise complaints placed from the alleged shooter’s apartment.

‘Basically [about] people walking,’ Kenny said.

‘We come to find that the apartment upstairs didn’t have carpeting. It was a wood floor. So a lot of noise. People walking back and forth generated these calls.

‘We have video, obviously of the incident, and I’m sure you’ve seen it,’ the chief said.


‘It’s gone viral, where the perpetrator confronts the family members.’

On Sunday night, the fed-up resident began banging on his ceiling over the loud sounds supposedly coming from Mathurn and Delille’s apartment.

Mathurin banged back, prompting the suspect to rush upstairs and kick the family’s front door, according to Delille.

Victim statement

‘This man hates us with every bone in his body,’ the wife told CBS New York of the neighbor.


As seen in the surveillance video and confirmed by the police, Mathurin argued with the neighboir and seemingly threatened him with a pair of scissors, before the suspect opened fire.

The victim’s family called the suspect psychotic, saying he would constantly complain about noise when they weren’t making any.

‘My husband had no gun, no weapon. Why did you bring a gun to shoot my family? Why would you bring a gun to tear my family apart? Why? Why?’ Delille said.

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