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Video: Missing Wife Located Alive 42 Years After She Disappeared – This Is Her Story

The countless TV shows and docuseries focused on cold cases and mysterious disappearance, so it’s pretty clear we’re all interested in them. In fact, some of us are so interested that we go further and put on a detective hat to help solve the mysteries ourselves. It could be our human nature that demands to know information. When it’s not forthcoming, we immediately began searching for answers.


Normally these cases don’t solve that easily. It takes time, patience, and a professional out in the hunt. Take a missing person, for example, when this kind of case takes a longer period. The news usually is not a good one, and the chances of finding the person are rather slim. Sometimes, God is on your side, and nothing is impossible.

Living in Monticello, New York, Flora Stevens went to her doctor’s appointment 42 years ago. Her husband dropped her in the clinic and a few hours later filed a missing person report. The woman vanished without a single trace.


Given the technology was not nearly as progressive back in the time. Years later, Detective Richard Morgan, with the help of modern forensics, made one last effort. She was finally found. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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