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Walmart Customer Drags Her Son Into Restroom — Then Customers Hear The Screams

In Utah, Jeannine Cherilynn Isom is a mother, not a dentist, but, she decided that her seven-year-old son needed to have some teeth extracted.


Why, we don’t know, again, she isn’t a dentist.

But, Isom took her son to a Walmart bought a pair of needle nose pliers and a hand sanitizer.

Isom then took her son into the bathroom and plucked out two of his teeth – in the bathroom at a Walmart!


Police Sgt. Cameron Paul said that Isom removed her son’s two front teeth.

Isom’s older son heard his younger brother scream and ran for help.

The boy didn’t get an anesthesia, and his teeth came out in pieces!

Take a look at this video


Can you imagine the pain and agony he endured?!

The police say this was a clear case of child abuse, and we couldn’t agree more.

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