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Warning! Don’t let your kids eat hot dogs! Here is the reason why..


The perfect pink sausage, grilled, placed inside a hot bun, with pimpled cabbage, mustard, and ketchup. Ahhh.. wonderful and delicious childhood memories.

But as it turns out, and most likely we are not revealing anything new to you – hot dogs are not healthy for you.

According to LiveStrong, they are high in fat (and not the good kind), have high levels of
cholesterol, contain large amounts of salt, and stay ‘fresh’ because of many preservatives.


Hot dogs are killing our children in ways we haven’t even imagined – and we all deserve to know.

This meat product contains additives that may cause botulism, they extend the shelf life of the product and give it the pink color (otherwise they would be gray). We call these ‘helpful’ additives nitrites,
and they are dangerous, harmful and sometimes even fatal. LiveStrong explains that nitrites
are associated with an increase in the risk of getting cancer – with the risk being 9 times greater in children who consume more than 12 hot dogs per month.

The Daily Health Post shared the findings of hot dog
consumption in studies conducted:


“Children who ate hot dogs once or more during the week were at a higher risk of getting brain cancer”.

“Children of fathers who consumed more than 12 hot dogs a month before they were born had a higher risk of getting blood cancer”.

“Children born to mothers who consumed hot dogs once or more during a week during pregnancy had a higher risk of developing brain tumors”.


Think hot dogs were born the way they look? Definately not! Before they get to their plate they go through a lot.

We may feel nostalgia associated with their taste, but unfortunately, there are many hidden things, much more than people realize. If you still choose to eat hot dogs and also let your children eat them,


In case you were wondering, here is how sausages are made – a video is worth a thousand words:

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