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Washington County: Hairstylist Facing Charges for Allegedly Operating Prostitution Business in Salon

A hair stylist in Washington County is facing prostitution charges after State Police arrested her for allegedly performing sexual acts on her customers.


According to State Police, Amy Zlobin, proprietor of Embellish Hair Cuts on Steubenville Pike in Hanover Township, was acting as a prostitute inside her business.

“It’s disgusting,” said Donald Wacker, who lives near the salon.

“At first we thought it was a hair salon until we sent my wife over there and she got her hair done and it couldn’t have been worse,” said Hanover resident Bill Andrews.


Investigators were warned off by suspicious neighbors, such as Wacker, who reported seeing people come and go at different hours of the day and night.

“Traffic. Constant traffic,” described Wacker.

Amy Zlobin

Photo: cbsnews


“There was never any girls that came to her hair salon and then she put curtains up in her windows and guys were coming in and out with no hair to cut,” added another neighbor who asked to remain anonymous.

Zlobin was arrested by State Police during a sting operation last Wednesday.

A half-hour meeting with an undercover State Trooper was set up for $130.

Zlobin allegedly offered to perform sex acts before closing the blinds and locking the door when the Trooper arrived.“Zlobin agreed to the appointment of sexual favors for the money for the 30 minutes, at which point the Troopers were able to identify themselves and then we also bring in Troopers in full uniform, that way they know it’s for real,” said Trooper Rocco Gagliardi.


According to the police report, Zlobin told troopers she “does not have many haircut clients and does prostitution to make money for her and her daughter.”

“Shame on the people that were coming here that had families and would bring that into this community, multiple times and multiple days,” said Wacker.

Troopers found a diary of all of Zlobin’s appointments during the raid and stated her accused prostitution clients might face charges as well.

“We’ll probably have to find out whether it’s just actual appointments for hair or if they were going to for hair and something extra,” said Gagliardi.


Investigators reportedly claimed to have found at least 24 online posts regarding Zlobin providing sexual favors for customers dating back to August 2022.

They are unable to tell how many clients reportedly had sexual relations with Zlobin at this time.

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