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WATCH: Furious Plane Passenger Gets Even After Woman Blocks View

A plane passenger became furious when a woman seated in front of her deliberately blocked her view of the onboard TV screen. Fed-up, she decided to get even, and it was all caught on video. Was her revenge perfect or petty? You decide.


Although the details aren’t known, a video that was captured during an airline flight has gone viral after a furious plane passenger was caught getting even with a seemingly rude woman, who was seated in front of her.

The encounter was so bad, some have even questioned whether it might have been staged, but it’s hard to imagine any woman would agree to what was done.

As can be seen in the now-viral clip, two women are seated, one in front of the other, on a plane. Whether or not the two knew each other is unknown, but what is apparent is that the one passenger was fed-up with the antics of the woman seated in front of her as the unnamed blonde appears to deliberately try to block the other woman’s view of the onboard TV by draping her long hair over the seat.


Obviously furious that the other woman’s hair was blocking her onboard TV screen, the fed-up passenger decided to teach the blonde a lesson. As tensions begin to build between the two female passengers, the one in the rear seat took matters into her own hands — literally — and it was all caught on video.

As the now-viral clip — which was posted to TikTok and quickly viewed millions of times — begins, the furious passenger is seen taking hold of the other woman’s hair with her left hand as she holds something small in the fingers of her right hand. And, it doesn’t take long for views to realize what’s going on.

As the furious passenger places the initially unknown item in the other woman’s hair, it becomes evident that it’s chewing gum as the fed-up woman mats and mangles the other woman’s hair around the sticky glob. She doesn’t stop there, though, as she is clearly irritated by the woman sitting in front of her, who keeps flinging her hair over the back of her seat during the flight.

After an air hostess walks by and looks the other way, the fed-up passenger continues to get her revenge. Seemingly finding that the wad of gum that she mashed in the other woman’s hair wasn’t enough, she dunks the ends of the blonde’s long locks in her coffee, but that’s not all. In addition, she takes nail clippers to the woman’s hair, snipping the ends, and worse:


After attempting to ruin the woman’s hair with the gum, coffee, and nail clippers, the furious passenger takes things one step further, sticking a lollipop in the woman’s hair as well, leaving it an absolute mess. Sadly, the seemingly clueless woman is still undeterred from putting her hair in another’s space.

Even as the passenger behind her flicks the blonde’s hair back over the seat, the rude woman flings it back into the other passenger’s space, again and again, seemingly unaware of the damage that has been done to her now matted and messy hair.

The level of revenge depicted is so severe, that many questioned whether it could even be real. Instead, some are inclined to believe it was fake and had been staged. One such viewer was quick to point out that the two women had on the “same” hats, suggesting that they were perhaps friends, Daily Mail reported.

“You would absolutely know someone is touching your hair,” a woman named Julieaanne also noted, while others even suggested that the woman was wearing a wig: “Come on that’s a wig! Totally staged! You think after she flipped it she didn’t feel all that stuff in her hair!” Staged or not, however, there is something to be learned from this; namely, respect for other people’s space.


Many of those who took the clip at face value surprisingly sided with the gum-mashing, fed-up passenger, despite how spiteful her actions might have been. “At first I was with the lady in the front, but after she kept throwing her hair back I feel like she got what she deserved,” one such TikTok user wrote.

Whether it’s right or wrong, there are people out there who would take similar revenge. So, let this be a lesson on being courteous and respecting other people’s space. After all, had the blonde passenger done that simple thing, her hair would have been safe from the supposed stranger’s hands. Simply put: Don’t be rude or someone might be ruder back.

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