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“We’ve been waiting a long time for this moment” – After being fostered, a healthy infant gets adopted by a loving family

Moriah Quimby and her husband Luke recognized adorable baby Charlie in the NICU as one of their own the moment they saw him two years ago. It’s now official. Last Friday, the Quimbys finalized Charlie’s adoption, making him a permanent member of their family. «It’s really strange.

We’ve been anticipating this moment for quite some time. It feels amazing. «He’ll always be our son,» Moriah continued. Charlie weighed less than two pounds when he was born at 30 weeks!!!

Moriah, a foster mom who specializes in preterm care and high-needs newborns, was on her way to see another foster baby who was due to «graduate» from the hospital’s care when she received the call about Charlie. Moriah tells Love What Matters, «The wonderful woman at Homefinder’s informed me that a baby was born who truly needed me.» «After a few inquiries, I immediately answered yes.» I couldn’t wait to see Charlie, the little preemie, after hearing about him.»

Moriah recalls arriving into the NICU and finding Charlie in isolation, saying, «I was startled.» How could someone be so small? He was wide awake and taking in everything. «»I believe he looked at me for the first time.» «I asked the nurse if he might be held, and fortunately he was going to require his ‘cares’ done.» I was able to take his temperature, change his diaper, and cuddle him briefly.

He was as light as a feather. «However, you remain extremely powerful.»»I was head over heels in love.» You can’t completely understand the NICU experience unless you’ve been there. The emotional ups and downs, as well as the constant concern, wear on tired parents who try to spend as much time as possible with their young warrior. Moriah, on the other hand, has been here before.

«It’s really bizarre because it’s so calm until it’s not,» Moriah says. «One minute, all you hear is calm beeping from devices; the next, sobbing or, worse, terror.» Charlie, who had coded at the age of three weeks, was one of those panics. It’s heartbreaking to think of how vulnerable these newborns are. «Weak tiny combatants.»

Charlie was hospitalized for eight weeks. Throughout that period, Moriah and Luke held him, prayed, and sung their favorite songs to him. They were overjoyed when he was likewise ready to be freed and returned home! He’s now a toddler who looks forward to watching the trash truck arrive at the end of their driveway every week. «He’s felt like our son from day one.» «Getting a new birth certificate with our names on it is such a meaningful document,» Moriah said in a voicemail.

Moriah and Luke have five children, one of them is adopted. Despite the fact that Charlie is still too little to understand the significance of his adoption day, he was all smiles and enjoyed the attention during the court hearing. «All of our children adore (and spoil!) Charlie. «They love him!» Moriah explains to Love What Matters. «They’ll fight over who gets to pull him out of his cot for morning snuggles.»

He is a continual source of pleasure for everyone, and when the adoption day arrived, we were all overjoyed! He was going to be ours for the rest of our lives!”“The ceremony went quickly, and we had all of our family and friends present to celebrate Charleston Luke, as Charlie, becoming our son for the first time.” It was the finest sensation! Charlie adored it.

He was as silent as he could be. “He was obsessed with cameras,” Moriah said. Congratulations, Charlie, for surviving the NICU and finally being a member of your forever family! That adorable grin on your face tells it all.

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