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What Chinese CEO Did Near Military Bases Raises Concern

Recent revelations have brought to light a disquieting situation that should give every American cause for concern. Jonathan Li, the CEO of a Chinese investment fund, has been quietly acquiring American farmland near U.S. military bases.

What is even more troubling is the close relationship between Li and the Biden family, including Joe Biden himself, who penned college recommendation letters for Li’s children as reported by Wendy Patterson on X on Friday, September 29.

The news of Jonathan Li’s acquisition of American farmland near U.S. military bases has generated significant concern among Americans.

The proximity of this land to critical defense installations raises red flags about the potential security risks associated with foreign ownership of such strategic areas.


The connection between Jonathan Li and the Biden family adds another layer of complexity to this issue. Joe Biden, before becoming President, wrote college recommendation letters for Li’s son and daughter.

This raises questions about the extent of the Biden family’s involvement with Li and his investment fund. It also begs the question: Are these personal connections influencing national security decisions?

The fact that American farmland near military bases is being sold to foreign investors, particularly from China, raises significant concerns. These lands could be essential for potential military expansion or strategic purposes.

The question is, should we be allowing foreign entities, especially from countries that may not have America’s best interests at heart, to own land near our defense installations?

National security is a top priority for any nation, and the integrity of military installations is vital to safeguarding that security.

Selling land near these bases to foreign investors, especially those from nations with whom we have complex geopolitical relationships, poses a grave risk. The idea of compromising our military readiness and capabilities is deeply troubling.

The situation at hand demands immediate attention from our elected representatives.

It is essential to thoroughly investigate the extent of foreign ownership of land near military bases and to ensure that our national security interests are not compromised.


Transparency, accountability, and a commitment to protecting America’s interests must guide our actions moving forward.

The revelation that a Chinese investment fund CEO with ties to the Biden family is acquiring American farmland near military bases is a cause for grave concern.

National security should always take precedence, and any situation that potentially compromises it requires rigorous examination.

The American people must insist on transparency and accountability to ensure the protection of our vital defense installations and safeg uard our nation’s interests.

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