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What Queen Elizabeth Said To Meghan Markle That Put Her In Her Place, Revealed In New Book

Our King: Charles III – The Man And The Monarch Revealed” by royal commentator Robert Jobson, Queen Elizabeth II told Meghan Markle that she should “turn to Sophie, Countess of Wessex for support and advice” when she joined the royal family.

The book claims that Queen Elizabeth was concerned that Meghan was not prepared for the challenges of royal life, and that she wanted to give her some guidance. However, Meghan reportedly declined the offer, saying that she had Prince Harry to help her.

The book also claims that Queen Elizabeth was surprised and disappointed by Meghan’s response. She reportedly felt that Meghan was being arrogant and dismissive of her advice.

The book’s claims have been met with skepticism by some royal experts. They point out that Jobson is known for his critical coverage of Harry and Meghan, and that they have not had a chance to respond to his allegations.

However, the book’s claims have also been corroborated by other sources. For example, royal biographer Andrew Morton has said that he believes that Queen Elizabeth did indeed advise Meghan to seek out Sophie Wessex for support.

Whether or not Queen Elizabeth’s words actually put Meghan Markle “in her place” is a matter of opinion. However, it is clear that the Queen was concerned about Meghan’s well-being, and that she wanted to help her adjust to royal life.

Here are some possible interpretations of Queen Elizabeth’s words:

Queen Elizabeth may have been trying to give Meghan some practical advice on how to navigate the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth may have been trying to warn Meghan about the challenges of royal life.

Queen Elizabeth may have been trying to test Meghan’s loyalty to the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth may have simply been trying to be kind and supportive.

It is also possible that Queen Elizabeth’s words were misunderstood by Meghan. Meghan may have thought that the Queen was trying to undermine her, or that she was being told that she was not good enough.

Whatever Queen Elizabeth’s intentions were, it is clear that her words had a profound impact on Meghan. Meghan’s decision to decline the Queen’s advice may have contributed to the tensions between her and the royal family.

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