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When mother heard moaning from her baby’s monitor, ‘she rushed in and saved her life’!

Every parent strives to protect their baby, nourishing them, buying the appropriate gear, and yes, monitoring them around the clock. Today’s baby monitors make it easy to hover. Some devices detect heart rate, oxygen levels and fever.

Others alert you if your child’s cry reaches a certain decibel level. Navigating life with an infant can be stressful and exhausting. In fact, most parents are still sleep deprived when their baby begins sleeping through the night.
Roy and Bernita never wanted anything more than to have a baby. The couple couldn’t conceive for a long time – Bernita had 3 premature babies and decided to just give up.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but she thought it’s impossible for her to have a child. After her third premature baby, Bernita and Roy found a tiny kitten on their doorstep.


They took the kitten in and washed him, then fed him and weren’t sure if they want to keep it. They slept on it and decided to take the kitty with them, naming him Midnight.

Midnight wanted nothing more than to cuddle with his parents. Even though the kitty was black, it didn’t bring them bad luck at all.
As a matter of fact, it brought them luck. Bernita was finally able to deliver a healthy daughter they named Stacey, and believes it was a miracle. Midnight fell in love with the new family member.

He watched Stacey getting taken from room to room and kept the baby company all the time. After six weeks, however, Stacey came down with something.

Bernita took her baby daughter to a doctor who said it was nothing more than a cold. Bernita took Stacey home and put her down for a nap. She couldn’t have imagined what would follow.
As soon as the baby was in the crib, Midnight started jumping in and out of Bernita’s lap. The woman was tired at that point until Midnight rushed away to Stacey’s room.


Strangely, the cat started making disturbing screeching sounds over the baby monitor. Bernita was scared and ran upstairs, seeing Midnight leaning over the crib.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing – Stacey was struggling to breathe and blue in the face, moments away from dying! She immediately took Stacey to the doctor where her life was saved.

As it turns out, the baby went into respiratory failure that could have ended fatally if it wasn’t for Midnight. Bernita thanked Midnight for what he did all the time.

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