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Who was this Stranger who allowed a worried 96-year-old woman hold his arm on the plane, carry her bag, and stay with her until she reached her family?

When an old lady who hadn’t flown in 15 years arrived to see family and was worried about flying, a polite stranger seated next to her offered her his arm to grip, and she was comforted as they held hands the entire flight.


Megan Ashley was flying from San Diego to Nashville when she overheard a conversation between a 96-year-old woman and a young man in the seat next to her.

«The seat next to me on my flight from San Diego to Nashville today was occupied by a 96-year-old lady who hadn’t traveled in 15 years,» Megan wrote in an online post.

The elderly lady was flying to see her family for her birthday but had not flown in 15 years and was concerned. «She wanted to travel to Kansas City to meet her family for her birthday, but she was afraid of flying.»


She told the young man sitting next to her that she hadn’t flown in a long time and asked if she may hold his hand if she was nervous. He eagerly agreed and held her hand to comfort her. «She requested this man’s hand before takeoff and then held him again amid turbulence.»

This stranger cheerfully held her hand, let her hang onto him, soothed her by chatting to her, explained everything that was going on, and was just that stranger there for her.

He knew just what to do the entire trip to help.» He helped her up when she needed to use the restroom, and after their trip, he kept her bags for her, walked her to her wheelchair, and waited with her until she reached her family. «He assisted her in getting up to use the restroom and gently followed her down the aisle.» He made me smile the whole way as he comforted her. He was her guardian angel.


He carried her suitcase, assisted her in getting off the aircraft and into the wheelchair, and when she became concerned about where her daughter had gone, he waited with her until she found her daughter, who had been separated from her.”

Megan was brought to tears after seeing the stranger’s kindness and sensitivity for this 96-year-old grandmother.

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