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“Why are streamers so stupid?”: Americans reacts as Twitch Streamer, ExtraEmily Walks in Bike Lane, Says She’s a Bike (Video)

USA Loaded reports that Americans are reacting to video of Twitch Streamer, ExtraEmily walking in Bike Lane.


ExtraEmily, a popular Twitch streamer, recently went viral for walking in a bike lane while livestreaming.

“No, this is the bike lane! I’m literally a bike! Right?” she said to a passerby who warned her about the danger of walking in the bike lane.

ExtraEmily has a reputation for her carefree attitude and sense of humor, but her decision to walk in the bike lane was met with criticism from many viewers.


“One of the few things that cyclists and motorists agree on is that pedestrians shouldn’t be walking down the middle of the road,” said the top comment on the video.

“Why are streamers so stupid?” another questioned.

“I know streamers play it up for stream but Jesus damn, being this obtuse should be punishable,” said another.

While ExtraEmily may have been joking around, her actions were dangerous and could have resulted in serious injury. Pedestrians should always walk on the sidewalk or crosswalk, and never in the bike lane.


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