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Widow received a bouquet of flowers two months after her husband passed away, when she read the greeting card her heart broke into pieces

We can’t imagine losing the love of our life. For Debra Tenney, this became a painful reality when her husband of almost 45 years, Randy, passed away in December 2019 after a long battle with cancer.

Two months later, on Valentine’s Day, Debra received a delivery of a bouquet of flowers with a handwritten note that left her and her children in tears.

Debra and Randy Tenney were married since 1974. The couple had eight children together and every year Randy would surprise his wife with flowers and a handwritten poem on Valentine’s Day.

But last year, life took a terrible turn when Randy was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare brain cancer, and was told he didn’t have long to live. 65-year-old Randy passed away in December 2019.

On Valentine’s Day, Debra received a large bouquet of yellow roses accompanied by one red rose.

Not only was she moved by her husband’s plan even though he knew he didn’t have long to live, but she was also very moved by the significance of the choice of flowers.

“She knew right away they were from him because of the yellow flowers. He would say he loved to spread sunshine. That was his motto in life”, said their son Jeff.

P.S. ‘miracle I love you’ miracle

“My sister said it made her feel happy and special.. and that it was in the hardest part of his life and with all the difficulties he had to go through, he still thought of her”, he added.

Debra said it made her feel very special that her husband thought of her right up until the end.

“When I went over and opened the greeting card, I couldn’t control myself. I thought, ‘This is from him'”, Debra said. “I guess you could call it, ‘P.S. I love you’ miracle”.

Randy’s wonderful gesture of love to his wife Debra is simply moving. It just shows you that love is eternal and nothing can stand against it.

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