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Wife Refused To Have Sex With Him, So He Took It Out On Their Innocent Newborn Baby

Maycon Silva became irritated after his wife refused to have sexual intercourse. In response to this rejection, Maycon grabbed a gun and pointed it at his newborn son.


This unthinkable scenario occurred on Wednesday in the middle of the night. Maycon wanted to make his wife regret denying him sex.

Jennifer is only 24 years old and gave birth only a few weeks ago. Maycon ended up shooting his own child that night.


The murderer from Luzianaia, Brazil is being charged with murdering his infant son. He won’t be receiving anything from his young wife anytime soon.

Maycon used a 22 gauge pistol to kill his newborn baby. Maycon hid the weapon inside the family’s sofa in the living room. He also kept deadly ammunition on hand just in case.

Unfortunately, this case was to end the life of his only son.


Maycon eventually blamed the murderous action on his drinking and marijuana problem.

Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that these were not the causes of his malicious behavior.

Maycon pulled the trigger and ended the life of his innocent son. He is 100% responsible for his actions.


Now that he was facing consequences for his actions, Maycon began to deny having a recollection of the incident. He claimed that it wasn’t truly his fault.

Fortunately, the detective on the case wasn’t buying Maycon’s story.

Daniel Martins Ferreira knew that Maycon had killed the baby in cold blood. Ferreira hopes to punish Maycon to the very extent of the law.


The detective believes that the baby was shot at point-blank range in the chest.

According to the official story, Maycon woke up and wanted to have sex with his wife.

After replying that she was too tired, Maycon physically assaulted his wife out of irritation and anger.


At one point, Maycon walked out of the bedroom and claimed to grab a glass of water.

He returned brandishing his weapon and threatening to kill his wife if she didn’t sleep with him.

Maycon allegedly threatened to end the life of his wife. Jennifer begged her partner to remain calm, but Maycon only grew more irritated.


Jennifer told police that Maycon turned the weapon on their newborn son’s chest. He allegedly asked Jennifer if she believed that he had the courage to kill their son.

According to Jennifer’s official story, Maycon ended up shooting the baby in the chest.

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