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Woman dismisses $20 mil lawsuit against Trey Songz after accusing him of r*pe

BuzzShade learnt that the woman who filed 20 million suit against Trey Songz in February have decided not to proceed with it.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online the woman whose name is Jane Doe said she wants the “entire action” dismissed.

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Recall that Jane Doe narrated her s*xual assault story in February with the help of attorneys Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck.

While narrating her story, the woman said she attended a Los Angeles house party with Trey on March 24, 2016. While there, Jane Doe and Trey reportedly agreed to have consensual s*x and headed to the home’s upper level. Trey allegedly requested to “get that a**.” Jane Doe said she told Trey no and warned him to stop asking.

But per her story, Trey was set on his request. Once inside a room, he allegedly threw the woman on the floor, ripped her clothes off, and forced his pen!s into her an*s. Jane Doe also shared that the r*pe continued after someone briefly opened and closed the room door.

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After the attack, Jane Doe said she grabbed her clothes, minus her underwear, and exited the home to call an Uber. Once in the car, the driver reportedly rerouted her journey to a nearby hospital.

According to Jane Doe, the exam performed at the hospital showed “severe anal tearing that could require surgery.” Though police spoke to her after the rape, she said she did not name Trey out of “shock and fearing for her life.”

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Trey Songz and His Team Responded to The Rape Accusation

After the woman filed the suit, Trey and his team responded to the allegations.

“The allegations set forth in this latest suit are emphatically false and yet another desperate attempt to shift the focus off of the real story, which is that these lawyers were caught trying to pay off a witness in another one of their sham cases,” the statement said. “One of the attorneys currently has an open bar complaint against them and will do anything they can to try and make a quick buck. This behavior is completely unacceptable and shows a complete lack of regard for real victims of sexual assault.”

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