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Woman divorced her husband and married his stepdad, 30 years older than her, ‘because he offered her this’!

The 31-year-old woman, Erica, is reportedly married to her ex-husband’s stepfather, despite a thirty-year gap between them. Erica reportedly dropped out of high school and she moved in with her first boyfriend.

Two years later, she broke up with him, and to fend for herself, she got a job at a department store, and that’s where she met her friend’s brother, Justin. She felt like he was the right one for her and their relationship soon graduated to marriage.

Sadly, it didn’t have the sparks it first did and even the birth of their child couldn’t mend the relationship. Eventually, she picked up, career-wise, but things with Justin just didn’t seem to get better.

She reportedly said: “I loved my child so much and he was why I had stayed in my marriage. It was heartbreaking taking him away from his home with his dad. I loved my child so much and he was why I had stayed in my marriage. It was heartbreaking taking him away from his home with his dad.”

At the time, her father-in-law, Jeff, was also going through a separation, but he comforted Erica, offering her a shoulder to lean on, The Daily Mail reported.

Soon enough, she found that she was beginning to have feelings for Jeff, but she tried to conceal them, worried about how it would ruin the dynamics of their relationship. Also, the 30-year age gap was a bit worrisome, per Daily Mail.
When both parties were finally single, she was surprised to know that Jeff felt the same way about her. She reportedly knew Jeff since she was 16 as she was friends with Justin’s sister at the time.

The two eventually decided to go ahead with their relationship and soon made it public. Finally, they moved in together, after realizing that they couldn’t ignore their feelings. “Living together was the best thing ever.

Everyone argues, but it was just peaceful. We spent all our time together, we went on trips, he took me places.” Soon enough, she found out she was pregnant with Jeff’s child, and then he proposed to her. “It was a very special moment.”
The two got married and their daughter Brexlee was born. “It sounds scandalous, but we had this love we could not deny. Despite everything, our relationship is now perfect.” Speaking about their age difference, she said, “Jeff is the young soul and I’m the old soul.

He laughs when I say that, but it all worked out – and Justin was the most understanding person.” Erica is now very happy with Jeff, but she is keen on putting an end to rumors that suggest she divorced her husband because of his stepfather with whom she’s in a relationship. “When we made the decision to divorce our marriage just wasn’t working,” she said.

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