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Woman Follows Viral TikTok Hack To Cook Egg, Left With Skin Peeling From Face

A woman had a frightening experience when she attempted to cook eggs in a microwave following a popular TikTok trend. The eggs exploded, causing severe damage to Shafia Bashir’s face. According to a report in the Independent, the 37-year-old was preparing a poached egg using a widely circulated recipe when the disaster occurred.


Now, Ms. Bashir is urging others not to follow the trend and attempt to make this popular dish, emphasizing the dangers involved. She described the aftermath of the incident as a period of “absolute agony.”

In her attempt to make a poached egg, Ms. Bashir placed the eggs in a mug filled with boiling water and proceeded to microwave it for a few minutes. However, when she touched the egg with a cold spoon, it unexpectedly “erupted like a fountain,” scalding the right side of her face. Ms. Bashir recalled this as the most excruciating pain she had ever experienced in her life.

“I went through a terrifying time. The pain was unbearable,” she shared with Independent. “I simply don’t want anyone else to go through such an ordeal just because it’s trending on TikTok… It was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt.”


After the incident, Ms. Bashir immediately ran her face under the tap for relief before seeking medical assistance at the emergency department. The burning sensation persisted for a grueling 12 hours. Thankfully, her face eventually healed without any lasting scars. She resorted to using various products like Vaseline and Sudocrem to aid in the healing process.

According to Metro, Ms. Bashir had been preparing this dish for three years before deciding to cook it in the microwave on May 12. She had followed the same procedure as always, having become accustomed to making it regularly.

Ms. Bashir learned the method from her ex-mother-in-law, who had shared the microwave-poached egg recipe with her. Despite her familiarity with the technique, the unfortunate incident occurred, prompting Ms. Bashir to caution others against trying it.

The British Medical Journal previously said that microwave ovens should display clear warnings about exploding eggs. Cooking shelled eggs in a microwave is dangerous because the casing holds in heat.

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