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Woman found a hidden room in her house, ‘then she uncovered an old secret’!

Life is full of ups and downs, and whenever we think that we have seen or experienced everything, a new surprise comes around the corner. However, when it comes to the people you love or the places you always go to, you don’t really expect a surprise.


According to Alexandra, she is a person that feels a deep connection to her childhood home. She’s an adult now, but she grew up there, and the house has been in her family since her parents bought it in 1974.

Alexandra claims that she has always known that the house is special, but it took a long time until she found some evidence to back up her beliefs. In the end, the proof finally surfaced, and it appeared underground.

Even though this house looks just like every other house on the block, there is something special about it. It is located in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, and Alexandra’s family bought this house in 1974.


She had spent her entire childhood in this house, and for her, the place keeps a lot of memories, mostly of her beloved family. Alexandra said that she had random dreams when she was a child, and her dreams were telling her that there were other rooms in the house that no one knew about.

Being just a kid, people thought that all of this was a product of her imagination, so they weren’t paying much attention to it. But Alexandra couldn’t forget about it, and the images of all those doors and passageways she dreamed about were always on her mind.

According to Alexandra, the house was in need of repairs. There were some serious issues with the foundations of the house, so the basement was about to get occupied by workers. The secret was about to be revealed, and something unexpected was on the way.

When workers came to fix the broken pipes and crack on the walls, they received a strange request. She asked them if they could dig a little deeper. Actually, magnitudes deeper than they had initially planned!


Alexandra said that they probably thought that she was crazy, but eventually she told them about the possible historical connection and that she was very curious to find out if there was anything down there. Workers were surprised, but they accepted her requests, even though they had never done anything like that.
Alexandra didn’t have to wait long. Just a day after digging, the workers called Alexandra and let her know that they had found something strange.

Alexandra was in a state of shock, but they swore they didn’t lie and told her that the place was a whole other area of the house. Workers were mostly shocked by the size of the room, it was 6 to 8 feet wide and about 15 feet long, so it was definitely a pretty decently sized room (SEE PHOTO).

They suspected that that place was built before the rest of the house. Alexandra decided not to dig any further, because she was afraid of the house breaking down and she didn’t want to damage its foundation.

Alexandra was delighted to find out that her home had some strange foundations, both literally and historically, and something like that doesn’t happen every day.

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