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Woman found her dog covered in odd marks, but when the vet told what they are she was horrified and immediately screamed for help’!

It may seem hard to believe, but all dogs, even the chihuahua and basset hound, are descended from wolves. It’s just that humans have had a big hand in changing their genetic makeup and turning them into hugely different breeds over the centuries.


We all love dogs, right? Well yes and Hayden is one of us. When she arrived home one day, she was left stunned when she discovered odd marks on her dog Jackson.

She got closer and realized she needed to take her pooch to the vet. But, when she was told what the odd marks really were, she was left stunned and screamed for help.

At first, Hayden thought the strange marks on her dog’s body were likely bug bites. When she looked closer, however, she knew it was something much worse. Hayden was horrified to discover that Jackson didn’t have raised bumps, but instead, he had actual holes in his skin and a lot of them.


Perplexed, she took her beloved pet to the veterinarian, but nothing could prepare her for what would be discovered. Hayden was stunned to find out that it wasn’t bug bites at all, and there was a much bigger problem at hand. There were indeed holes in Jackson’s flesh, and the cause was downright sickening. Jackson had been shot, repeatedly. As the vet got to work, shaving the dog in order to get to the wounds, 20 pellets and 7 BBs were removed from Jackson’s body.

In addition, the staff estimated that there were at least another 20 pellets and BBs lodged in his body that they couldn’t remove. But, it gets worse. The vet also estimated that another 20 projectiles had struck the dog and bounced off. That means Jackson was shot over 60 times. “I was in shock, I didn’t even know what to think,” Hayden recalled.

Hayden wasn’t the only one stunned by the senseless act of violence against the animal. Police were called, and they were shocked to see what had been done to Jackson as well. The responding officers found BBs stuck in a tree and followed the direction of fire. This led them to obtain a search warrant for the house next door belonging to 44-year-old Tim.

In addition to a BB gun and pellets, the police found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia at the suspect’s home. Tim was arrested on drug charges as police awaited test results to confirm that the gun and pellets matched those that caused Jackson’s injuries in order to build their case of animal cruelty against him. As for Jackson, he was expected to make a full recovery.

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