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Woman in China brutally beaten and stripped in public after she was suspected to be a mistress

Woman in China brutally beaten and stripped in public after she was suspected to be a mistress.

Alleged mistress gets brutally beaten after ‘being caught by scorned wife’ in China. A Chinese woman was brutally beaten up and abandoned on the side of the street yesterday.

Chinese media claimed that the 28-year-old woman was thought to be a mistress and she had been beaten after getting caught by her lover’s wife in Anqiu city, eastern China’s Shandong Province.

Passersby who found the woman in the shrubs alerted the police, who are currently investigating the case.

According to Apple Daily, the woman was found on the crossroads of Shangchang Road and Jian’an Road.

The woman is allegedly a mistress and she had been assaulted after her lover’s wife discovered their affair, said Apple Daily.

Photos of the unidentified woman seemed to have come from the Chinese social media.

They were first shared yesterday by ‘Zui Huo Huo Ge’, a user of Weibo, China’s equivalent to Twitter.

A set of four pictures were seen in the post. Two of them were claimed to be of the woman after she had been attacked. The pictures show she sustained serious bruises on her swollen face and had blood around her lips. Her teeth had been knocked out, reported Sina.

In the pictures, she seemed to be so badly attacked that she couldn’t open her eyes properly.

The third and fourth pictures were claimed to be taken before the attack. In one of them the woman is seen taking a selfie against a mirror and in the other she is seen sitting in a store with heavy makeup.

Later on the same day, a video showing the same woman sitting in the shrubs with serious injuries were uploaded by ‘Zui Huo Huo Ge’.

The video also appeared on ‘Qi Di Times’, another popular Weibo account, who claimed the assaulted woman had been left at roadside while passersby tried to report to police.

At the 75-seconds clip, the woman, badly beaten, is seen talking on her mobile phone.

During her conversation with a male passerby, she appeared to be unable to talk clearly. It is remains unknown whether or not this is a result of the attack.

Owner of account ‘Qi Di Times’ told MailOnline that the video is provided by another internet user without stating the possible cause behind the incident.

MailOnline has reached out to ‘Zui Huo Huo Ge’ for comments.

Other posts on Weibo suggested the alleged mistress was assaulted by four men hired by the cheating man’s wife, and that she had been detained and beaten up for several days.

Shen Weifang, a news portal circulating local news on Chinese social media platform WeChat, suggested that the photos of the woman before the attack were sourced from her QQ account.

One of the selfies came with a caption, which reads: ‘I am only in my twenties, but I am feeling more and more tired. People do not understand my story. I have witnessed thousand kinds of sorrow.’

The incident has been widely reported by Chinese media, sparking public outrage over the violent assault.

An Apple Daily reader commented: ‘It might be immoral to be a mistress, but such violence is not tolerable.’

Another suggested: ‘Adultery is not a crime in China, so they resort to own means.’

One expressed sympathy: ‘She got badly wounded. It might affect her life after injury.’

The woman refused to explain the cause of her injury, the public security bureau of the Anqiu city said on its official Weibo page.

However, the police said they would continue investigating the case.

The woman has been sent to hospital for treatment.

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