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Woman Marries Disabled Person, but a Jaw-Dropping Surprise Awaits Her at the Wedding!


Love is absolutely a beautiful thing. It sees beyond physical attraction and rather looks deeper into the heart of someone. This woman married a disabled person, but what she didn’t know is that on her wedding day, a surprise that will make her cry. Rye A. Waitser the story of Kevin Taylor and Kim Didway is that of love and hope.

And when two people are in love, there are no impossibilities. Over 13 years ago, Kevin Taylor suffered a broken leg. At first, it seemed to be an ordinary injury until he developed a nervous disorder called reflex sympathetic dystrophy. This disorder affects the nervous system, causing burning, pain and swelling of the affected body part. Kevin’s disorder was rare, and doctors acknowledged that it was by far the worst case of RSD they had witnessed.

It was so severe that his leg had to be amputated. In 2009, he had to visit and stay in hospitals roughly every two months. Sadly, his doctors admitted that they could not save his legs. The Texan had to be in a wheelchair to get around, but this man refused to let his condition define him or hold him back from living life. The most remarkable thing about Kevin is that he never complained remarkable thing about Kevin.


All that he’s dealt with, he never complained, despite what happened to him. His friend said he believed that the most important thing about a person is the soul and not the physical. Things began to change when he met Kim Did. We? For the American, it was love at first sight, and he revealed that she never showed him hatred or pity.

Based on the circumstance, he said, she looks at me as I’m not in a wheelchair. I mean, she looks past that point. For Kim, it would take more than a wheelchair to turn her off. She didn’t see his disorder as an obstacle because she believed that what is inside each person replaces any part that is missing. All she saw was the great man he is within.

She said, it didn’t bother me because it’s the person inside, not who they are physically, and his heart makes up for any lack of limb that he has. Qv awe for these lovebirds. With this mindset, the wheelchair was invisible to her. Instead, she saw a man she was ready to spend the rest of her life with. Isn’t that amazing?

Kevin’s friends and family were surprised by how much this beautiful Beau loved him despite his challenges. But true love accepts everyone for who they are. They were all amazed because he had had previous relationships that didn’t work, and the woman he was involved with left because of his condition. Well, that wasn’t until the right person came along. The well wisher stated that it was a match made in heaven and that they were made for each other.


After several months of courtship, the couple decided to tie the knot. While the bridetobe was planning the wedding ceremony, her lucky man was planning something different but special for the ceremony. Perhaps what Kevin is planning might even steal the show. The wedding venue was set and everything had been put in place for the big day. However, Kim didn’t know that the love of her life was keeping something amazing from her.

Get your tissues ready because what he has planned might make you shed tears. The big surprise was a way to return the love shown towards him by Kim. But what was this big surprise? It turned out that Kevin had gone to a physiotherapist and had been taking therapy lessons. Only a few people knew about his secret.

He wanted to put a smile on his bride to be his face. He knew what he wanted to do would be difficult, but he was determined to give this woman that big surprise. For him. Love was all the medicine he needed on their big day. The resilient Texan man sat in his wheelchair.

Next to him was the priest and his gruesome stood right behind him waiting for his soulmate to walk in. When it was time for Kim to walk down the aisle alongside her father, the priest asked everyone to get on their feet to welcome them and to the surprise of many guests who stood up as well. Yes, it was the groom. After over 13 years, Kevin was on his feet again. The things we do for love.


As soon as his partner started walking down the aisle, everyone stood up and she couldn’t believe what she witnessed. Immediately, tears started flowing from her eyes as she watched Kevin walk slowly towards her. She was amazed at what was happening right in front of her and shook her head to be sure she wasn’t dreaming or in a trance. Kim was stunned that he could get up and walk towards her without using his prosthetics. They embraced each other in what was a special moment.

Just before they exchanged their vows, the guests in the venue clapped and shared the amazing moment with the couple. The newly wooded woman could not hide her emotions as her husband hugged her. For Kevin, all he wanted was for their wedding day to be the best day of King’s life and it was so just imagine how she must have felt during that moment. Incredible, isn’t it? Kevin’s hard work and dedication meant that he and the love of his life could get married while looking into the eyes of each other rather than one person looking down the other or having to bend over at their wedding party.

He was back in his chair and the way Kim looked at him, you could tell this was true love. Indeed, Kevin Taylor and Kim’s story shows love as a master key that opens the gate of happiness. It is also a reminder for one to always live life to the fullest irrespective of situations. Just as Kevin said, live every minute of every day. As if it’s the last.

Jay Bloomfield and Chelsea Hill are two people who also understand the utmost power of love. When Chelsea was a high school senior, she was involved in a drunk driving accident. She sustained a spinal cord injury that got her paralyzed from the waist down. The unlucky teenager was in the pediatric ICU and two weeks later she was informed that she wouldn’t be able to walk again. Ever since, she’s had to use a wheelchair to move around.


However, that didn’t stop her from being positive about life and chasing her dreams. Despite her challenges, this woman created an all women wheelchair dance team, the Roulettes. The team also run a woman’s empowerment weekend in Los Angeles for both children and women with disabilities. She found the man of her dreams, Jay, in the year 2014, and after some time, she said yes to his wedding proposal. The 34 year old man was made to believe that his partner was going to go down the aisle in a wheelchair.

Chelsea made it seem like she was going to roll down the aisle and roll back because that was what she did during the wedding rehearsals. However, she had been working hard for months. On a beautiful surprise for their big day. The 29 yearold woman who was brought up in Pacific Grove had chosen that she would walk down the aisle with the help of leg braces and a Walker. I have stood up before with leg braces.

I have walked around with them, but nothing like a long dress on and not being able to see my legs. So I had to practice for about six months with the leg braces to know that I could stand there and walk with my eyes forward and not fall at the ground the whole time. The wedding happened in the high out Regency Huntington Beach Hotel, California, but she got nervous about going through with her plan because it rained before the ceremony. She was worried that the carpet she had to walk down was wet and would certainly feel different from the one she was used to. Chelsea was concerned that the walk wouldn’t go as practiced.

However, she decided to stick to her plan because she was determined the Californian would not let the bad weather ruin her big day. What happened next was mindblowing. Chelsea had planned for her partner’s back to be turned towards the entrance, so he didn’t see her until she got to the altar. When Jay turned around, he couldn’t hold back the tears. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing right in front of him.


I lost it. It took everything inmate just to keep standing. I’m an emotional guy and when I saw her, I was just blown away, he said. For the new bride, this moment was hard and she almost gave up. But her husband’s presence was the encouragement she needed to see it through.

I remember looking at him and he was like, you got this he gave me so much energy. She said. It is safe to say that these two lovebirds were made for each other. The professional dancer only had her eyes set on her groom and she wasn’t aware of what was happening around her. She didn’t notice the entire hotel balconies were full of people standing there and applauding in awe.

Chelsea States that walking down the aisle was one of her favorite moments of her life. I just felt like the whole time our souls were locked in on each other. I didn’t see anybody else around me. I just saw him. Her vows read, after my accident, I wasn’t sure if I would ever find someone who truly loved all of me.

You have accepted me, fully honored me and adored all the parts of me. Isn’t that beautiful? She hopes that a wedding tale shows that love is love. Chelsea believes love is not biased against what one likes or how one talks. And you can’t help but agree with her.


Which of these stories you find the most interesting share with me in the comments. See you next time.

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