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Woman, Presumed Dead, Appears at Her Own Funeral, Alive and Surprising Everyone!


With eight adorable children, a loving husband, and a stable job, one woman from Burundi, Africa can say that she is living the life she has always dreamed of. Though she had experienced a lot of problems and troubles in the past, those days were gone. Noella left Burundi, her native country, and flew all the way to Australia and found a new home and a new life. Her future was sparkling bright.

She planned to spend the rest of her days with her husband strolling on Australia’s pristine beaches once her kids grow up. Gone are the days where she needed to scrape and beg for food. Her husband was a good provider, and her children were all loving and supportive. However, when she returned to her native land for a very important reason, she had no idea that everything in her life was about to change. In 2004, Noello Rokundo left her native home in Burundi to search for a brighter future in Australia. Her first husband had died and left her with five children.

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Widow and Widower Find Love in a Foreign Land with the Help of a Resettlement Agency

With big dreams for her kids, the widow mustered all of her courage and decided to take her luck in a foreign land. It seemed that Noella did the right thing. Soon enough, she found a new job and a nice place to settle with the help of a resettlement agency. The Australians were friendly, and she was offered all the help she could get. Her kids didn’t have trouble adjusting to their new home.

Noella was always thankful for the blessings in her life, especially when a big one came again. Still depending on the social worker who helped her and her family to build a new life in Australia, Noella often visited the agency. It was there where she met Balanga Kalala, a recent refugee from Congo. Since Kalala already knew how to speak English, he was often asked by the social worker to translate for Noella. At that time, she only knew Swahili. During those encounters, the two fell in love. Noella was a widow with five kids, and Kalala was a widower.


Woman Finds Love Again After Tragedy, But Discovers Husband’s Shortcomings

She soon learned that he had fled to Australia after a rebel army attacked and ransacked their small village in Congo. In that unfortunate incident, his wife and young son were killed. With no reason left to stay, he decided to start a new life in a foreign land as well. Noella had no plans of getting married again. She wanted to dedicate her life to raising her children. However, when she met Kalala, everything had changed. He was sweet and caring, and he always made her laugh.

Moreover, he completely accepted her situation. In a short period of time, Noella fell head over heels with Kalala. Needless to say, the two decided to live together. They moved into their Melbourne suburb of King’s Park. Kalala treated the children as his own. In the years that followed, she bore him three more children. However, she also discovered more of her second husband’s personality. Noella had nothing to say to her husband when it comes to providing the needs of the family.

Refugee wife endures domestic violence in Australia while staying connected to her roots in Burundi.


Since he came as a refugee to Australia in 2004, he worked hard and found steady employment. Soon enough, he worked in a seafood processing factory first before finding a better job as a forklift operator in a warehouse. However, while living together under one roof, Noella discovered the violent side of her husband. When he was tired, he would often shout and get mad at small things. There were times when he would physically hurt her. However, after the rage, he would come to her like a tamed sheep and will cry for forgiveness.

As a wife and a mother, she would often disregard the incident and instead learned to accept the situation. After all, he was her husband, and she loved him. Back in Burundi, Noella was raised by her stepmother. Although she was thousands of miles from home, she makes it a point to send her regards to her relatives in Africa. Thanks to technology, she was always updated on what’s happening back there. However, one day, the news that arrived from home was not good.

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