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Woman rescued a sick and homeless ‘dog’, when she took a closer look she realized it was something completely different

When a scared, thin and very sick animal appeared outside of Sharon Brozzi’s house, she assumed it was a homeless dog.

So she immediately went into action and contacted inspectors to come to rescue the sick dog, or at least that’s what she thought ..

Sharon felt sorry for the frightened creature, who could barely move since he was very weak.

His scaly skin was the result of boils, a painful skin disease caused by parasites.

The rescuers arrived and rescued the animal which they later named ‘Princess’.

But when rescuer Selius Stein arrived on the scene – she immediately realized that Princess was not a dog – but a coyote.

the Gold Country Wildlife Rescue organization took Princess to their shelter and treated the coyote who was in pain.

Selius Stein, from the association, immediately fell in love with the wild animal and said of her that she had ‘eyes so soft, that seem to say, please help me’.

The vets treated the coyote, gave her a warm bath, treated her skin problem and gave her food.

As soon as she felt better, Princess was be eager to meet other coyotes just like her.

The coyote who was thin and sick flourished again, surrounded by other beautiful coyotes, after receiving treatment that strengthened her.

The public doesn’t show much sympathy for coyotes because they sometimes attack pets, but the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center believes that every animal should be saved.

“I feel we can help and then return them to nature”, said Cindy who works at the rehabilitation center.

Princess underwent rehabilitation and was released into the wild. Look how happy she is compared to the state in which she was found.

What an amazing transformation! We don’t know how or why Princess arrived at Sharon’s door, but it was awful to see her so thin and sick.

Please share to honor the heroes who helped save Princess’ life.

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