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Woman says the chicken who laid this egg has no idea it’s worth thousands!

Woman reportedly bought a package of eggs from the grocery store and ended up buying an egg that could sell online for thousands of dollars. Jacqueline then posted a video of the perfectly round chicken egg and set off a slew of comments about how it is an “eggcellent” find for the woman who came across it in the grocery store because it could fetch a price of thousands of dollars when sold to the highest bidder in an online auction.

The miraculous chicken egg was purchased by a regular supermarket egg carton from by one lucky shopper. The one-in-a-billion round chicken egg has an estimated worth of at least one thousand dollars – however, some people estimate that it will fetch an even higher price than that when it goes to auction online.

Experts claim that the odds of a chicken producing a perfectly round egg like this are between one in a billion and one in 1.25 billion, experts claim.
The person who found the perfectly round chicken egg wrote online, “I thought I would share this eggcellent find – in our egg carton we found a round egg, and after a quick Google realized it was one in a billion. Literally, one in a billion eggs are round, and the last one that was found sold for over $1,400!”

When she shared the video of the round egg on social media, her post attracted a lot of attention from people across the world. Many people shared comments about the round egg and marveled at how it was an amazing thing to find from a regular supermarket egg carton and not at a freak show.
Although round eggs apparently have sold for thousands of dollars online, many people are shocked that someone would “shell” out that much money for something that came out of a chicken’s backside. Online readers also shared hundreds of reactions to this perfectly round chicken egg found.


Commenters began writing about square eggs, to which one person replied, “I think someone did that some years ago, some vinegar concoction or the like…… possibly Blue Peter or How !! Can’t remember, but I dare say the spherical one above was something to do with that same process.”

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