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Woman thought it was just a cold, until ‘she woke up from a coma and doctors told her she had to lose her legs and possibly her hands’!

According to Beth, it all started with just a cold. Well, at least that’s what she thought she had, until she woke up from coma one day and surgeons told her she had to lose both her legs.

The unfortunate woman said that she started to suffer from a pain in her side and so decided to have an early night, but the pain worsened. She began vomiting blue liquid and immediately called for help.

She was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with flu and pneumonia and, with her organs failing, was placed into a medically induced coma.

During an interview with The Mirror, Beth was taken to a hospital after she started vomiting and experiencing pain. The doctors ran tests and discovered that she was battling Step A before contracting sepsis and was on the brink of death.

The unfortunate woman spent nearly 2 months fighting to survive in a coma., But, that’s not the worst part. When she woke up, doctors told her she needed to have both of her legs amputated, and possibly her hands.

Her family was warned to prepare for the worst. Doctors discovered she was suffering from bacterial infection Strep A, which had led to sepsis. Beth spent six weeks in a coma and when she finally woke up, she was warned her legs, and possibly hands, would need to be amputated. She also needed dialysis three times a week due to her kidneys failing.

According to the Mirror, Bet was released from hospital last week and she is now adapting to her new way of life and feels that she has been given a second chance to support sepsis survivors.

Seven months on, she is finally home from hospital and can already walk, unaided, on prosthetic legs. Her sisters have launched a fundraiser to pay for bespoke legs and also to fund equipment and adaptations she will need in the future.

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