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Woman Who ‘Changed Race’ Believes She Can Conceive Black Children With White Husband

Marina Big of Germany spent her early years as a glamor model.

Now aged 30, the once light-skinned woman has performed a drastic procedure that has severely changed her appearance – all in an effort to be black.

Big has gone through invasive surgeries in the past, with 24 under her belt, including multiple that have brought her breasts to a startling 32 S size – something she wants to keep doing so she can have the biggest pair in the world.

To maintain them, she uses a saline pump that keeps them inflated.

Martina BIG – Malaika Kubwa / Facebook

But that’s not the most shocking thing Big has done.

Over the past two years, Big has gone through tanning melanin injections that have significantly darkened her skin, making her have a similar skin tone to a black individual.

Her husband, 31-year-old Michael, went through similar treatment but his skin reacted differently, causing only very light tanning.

Martina BIG – Malaika Kubwa / Facebook

Big has had pale skin for most of her life, and until 2017, she used sunbeds religiously.

But when she heard about the injections, she had to get them.

After just 3 shots, Big found she reacted severely to them – her skin tone became extremely dark, her eye color darkened, and her hair began to experience similar change.

According to Big, there has been an internal change as well – something that has led her to “change” her race, and she now identifies as a black African woman.

This has impacted her so much that she and her husband are seeking to move to Kenya permanently and raise kids there.

Big has absorbed Kenyan culture, embracing their foods and clothing and even changing her name to Malaika Kubwa, which is Swahili for “big angel”.

She and her husband are still choosing the perfect place to settle down in, but they have a preference for a northern area of Kenya called Isiolo, which is near the equator.

Big loved Isiolo so much due to its extremely hot, dry climate, which allowed her to bask in the sun and become darker without using sunscreen.

Martina BIG – Malaika Kubwa / Facebookv

Of course, as you may expect, many people have become upset with Big’s actions.

She has been called out across social media multiple times, and the black community especially believes she is appropriating their culture.

Unlike those born black, Big did not grow up facing racism, and the black community feels that her actions are distracting from the very real troubles within the community.

Martina BIG – Malaika Kubwa / Facebook

Big has defended herself multiple times, insisting that she has actually been able to completely change her race from within.

She says the people who call her out are from America, but her African friends have accepted her and see that she is genuine.

She claims to be learning from those friends regarding black history and she spends a lot of time with them, stating that she has more in common with friends from Africa than her old white friends.

Martina BIG – Malaika Kubwa / Facebook

Big has changed a lot, even though she still, for now, calls Germany home.

She cooks African food and wears African clothing, and she hopes to raise her children, believing that she and her husband will be able to have black or mixed-race babies – even though they were both born white.

But Big isn’t done yet.

She has more surgeries to undergo, including multiple that will make her facial features appear more “African”.

This includes butt implants, lip injections, and nose widening.

She views her choices as “fine-tuning” her body, stating that she loves herself as she is but simply likes to change things around.

It’s definitely non-conventional, but Big is happy with her decisions.

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