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Woman Who Has Been Renting The Same House For Years Discovers Something Surprising From Her Landlord…

When a landlord passes away, tenants often find themselves facing uncertainty. They may hope their lease will be honored or renewed by the new landlord, but they can also fear eviction if the new owner decides to start over.


Jane Sayner, a 75-year-old resident of St. Albans, Melbourne, Australia, faced such a predicament when her landlord, the multi-millionaire John Perrett, passed away. However, Jane’s story took an unexpected and heartwarming turn.

Jane had been renting a two-bedroom unit from John for over 20 years, paying a consistent AUD$250 a week. Relocating would have been financially challenging for her, potentially forcing her to live with her stepchildren or even return to work, something she wished to avoid in her retirement.

Thankfully, Jane’s worries were laid to rest when she discovered the contents of John Perrett’s will. John, who was a generous benefactor to the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Nephrology Department, bequeathed the two-bedroom apartment to Jane, making her the property’s new owner.


This act of kindness and generosity took Jane by surprise, as she had known John for years and understood his commitment to charitable giving.

John’s philanthropic endeavors weren’t limited to gifting Jane the apartment. He also sold one unit for AUD$400,000, donating the proceeds to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. While Jane was one of two long-term renters who inherited properties, it was undoubtedly a life-changing gift for her.

Jane had cultivated a close friendship with John, one that went beyond the typical landlord-tenant relationship. They would engage in lengthy conversations, during which John would share stories about his family and childhood. Jane even occasionally cooked for him. Despite being childless and unmarried, John chose to leave the apartment to Jane, a testament to the bond they had formed over the years.

Jane cherished her new property, turning it into a welcoming home. Over the decades, she had transformed the place with a lush garden she had cultivated, using pots provided by John himself. This gesture from John illustrated his commitment to making the apartment feel like a home, a sentiment that Jane deeply appreciated.


While John’s passing was undoubtedly a sad event for Jane, his generous bequest ensured that she had a secure place to call her own, a testament to the power of friendship, kindness, and the impact one person’s generosity can have on another’s life.

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