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Woman Who Looks Nine Months Pregnant Does an Ultrasound and Finds Out She’s Not Pregnant

“It is health, not gold or silver, that constitutes wealth,” according to a common saying. Many people in today’s environment do not value their health until they are sick.


Some people are fortunate enough to recover from their condition, but others are not, and others are left with the disease’s long-term repercussions.

That is why people are generally encouraged to visit their doctor on a regular basis. These doctor’s visits frequently aid in the early detection of underlying ailments, preventing them from deteriorating or becoming life-threatening.

This story provides as an example of how a reminder of how essential health is might drive people to pay more care to their health.


After months of waiting, a CT scan will spare Keely Favell from a life-or-death crisis. Despite everyone’s expectations of becoming pregnant, photos from the scan revealed that something harmful was to blame for Favell’s ever-increasing tummy. The following are the specifics of the intriguing story.

Keely Favell, a Swansea, Wales native, was just 24 years old when she began gaining weight in 2014. Aside from her weight gain, the woman noted a progressive increase in the size of her belly as time passed.

Favell, on the other hand, gave it no mind because she didn’t believe anything was wrong. The woman said that she simply thought she was gaining weight. According to Favell, who spoke to BBC News,

“I didn’t realize anything was wrong until it was too late – I just believed I was putting on wood.”


After a few years, the Swansea native’s tummy had become even larger. Favell appeared to be severely pregnant at the time, and the woman, as well as her ten-year companion, Jamie Gibbins, agreed.

Unfortunately, home tests came out negative, ruling out any possibility of pregnancy. As a result, Favell returned to her earlier belief that she was overweight.

It was made worse by the fact that the woman had to deal with enquiries about her “due date” from strangers. Favell noted that it was humiliating, and rather than admitting that she was simply overweight, the woman agreed to the deception.

After Favell blacked out at work in her office admin position in 2016, her health became a source of concern for her family and coworkers.


They encouraged the woman to see her doctor, which she did, but the doctors rejected her symptoms as stress at first. “It was a difficult period at work,” Favell says, “and when I passed out at the workplace, my GP first put it down to stress.”

“When I fainted again, this time, I was informed it was probably a side effect of the acne tablets I’d been prescribed – but it didn’t make sense because I’d stopped taking them six months before,” she explained.

Despite Favell’s negative blood test results ruling out any possibility of pregnancy, the GP eventually thought she was pregnant.

So, in January 2017, the doctor referred the woman to her local hospital for her first ultrasound, which resulted in a stunning finding.


Favell recalls lying on the bed with her partner beside her while the radiologist slid the probe over her belly, according to BBC News. Unfortunately, the radiologist’s reaction to the image on the screen revealed that something wasn’t quite right.

“Her eyes widened with surprise, but the screen remained blank. The look on her face said it all: something wasn’t right, and when she mentioned she needed to hire a consultant, I panicked. Jamie tried to calm me, but my terror had paralyzed me “Favell made a point.

The woman was immediately taken for an emergency CT scan, which revealed a cyst surrounded by fluid in Favell’s stomach. Favell was then directed to an obstetrics expert by the doctors. Favell’s condition had deteriorated to the point that breathing and walking were becoming difficult. As she puts it:

“Even walking was tough at this point, and I was having trouble breathing. Because I could hardly squeeze behind the wheel of my automobile, I was a poor driver.”


In February 2017, she was finally examined, and the expert informed Favell that she had a big ovarian tumor that could only be removed through surgery. The doctor, however, was unable to determine the size of the growth.

Favell went under the knife the next month, and the lump was successfully removed by the surgeons. It weighed 26 kilograms and was the size of seven newborn newborns or a seven-year-old child.

“They showed me images and explained how enormous the cyst was; I couldn’t believe I’d been going around with this medical alien for so long,” Favell said.

Thankfully, the cyst and operation had no influence on Favell’s ability to have children. The woman expressed gratitude to her surgeon for removing the growth and giving her her life back.

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