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Woman, who was caught ‘going all the way in front of kids in park, gave the most sickening excuse ever’!

When parents take their kids to the park, they usually expect it to be a safe and fun environment. However, when one mother went on an excursion to the park, what she saw enraged her. On the playground, she filmed a 38-year-old woman ‘jumping’ on a man while she had no trousers on.


The furious mother also told off the pair saying: “there’s kids over there. You think that’s alright?”, according to reports.

At the time, the couple responded with “no” before adding, “We know we have done wrong.” The mother continues: “My child is seven years old.” While the couple put their clothes back on, the mother says, “Have some respect.”

The clip of this interaction, now removed, went viral when posted on a community Facebook group called. The local police department also affirmed that it was a case of indecent exposure: “The matter has been recorded as an exposure and an investigation is ongoing to identify the offenders.”


However, the woman in the video, who remains unidentified, spoke to The Sun UK in an interview and said that it was “not what it looks like.” She clarified saying: “I’d spilt beer on my trousers so I took them off, and I don’t wear knickers because I’m fat. My boyfriend and I were just horsing around for five minutes, it was a really hot day. It’s not like we were f-ing. We weren’t near any kids, we were at the corner of a field.”

The accused woman also lambasted the mother who filmed them: “That woman was disgusting for filming us. Her video doesn’t show how far away we were from other people as well. I apologized to her as well but she didn’t film that. I’m embarrassed for my family, but I’m not ashamed because that would mean I’d done something wrong and I haven’t.”

Comments on the video included some people criticizing the couple for their indecency. One commenter wrote: “Nothing surprises me. Just another day,” while another said, “It was disgusting! If you are reading this and it was you, shame on you!”

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