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Woman Yells At Boy For Selling Candy Outside Target, Stranger Steps In To Defend Him

You’ve probably been to a store when kids are selling candy outside to earn money for a special cause.

A brother and sister were outside a Target in a small community in California when they received an unexpected surprise.

Andy was a customer at the time who saw the interaction take place and posted the details on social media.

An older woman started yelling at the children when she saw them selling candy outside the store.

The older woman demanded to know where the license to sell candy was and why the children were standing outside the store trying to get money from people.

The brother gently explained that he was trying to make money with his sister.

As the conversation continued, the older woman told the children that police officers would be there soon and that they would be arrested.

The boy soon started crying because he couldn’t handle the yelling any longer.

Jay Lopez had been watching and approached the brother and sister. The man told the children that he would buy all of the candy that they were selling.

He then told the older woman that he would give it to the customers who were there and that she should be ashamed of how she was treating children.

Andy saw that there are still people in the world capable of doing good deeds.

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