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World’s Tiniest Girl Charlotte Continues To Defy All Medical Odds

No one wants to think about possible birth defects or disabilities that may affect their children. This is any couple’s worst nightmare and for this couple it unfortunately came true.

However, keep reading until the end, because their baby defied all the doctors’ expectations!

Emma and Scott had already had three healthy children, so they weren’t too worried while expecting their fourth.

The pregnancy was progressing normally and Emma’s belly was growing rapidly – just as expected. Their nightmare began when she went into labour a month before her due date.

The couple were worried but were expecting a premature baby that weighed slightly less than a normal, full term newborn.

When their daughter Charlotte was born, she weighed only two pounds and had a rare genetic condition, known as primordial dwarfism.

Primordial dwarfism is a condition with a very low survival rate.

Normally, newborns born with it suffer from undeveloped organs or other difficulties that make it very unlikely for them to survive.

It also means that they don’t grow much in size – most of them only get to a maximum of three feet tall, and the majority unfortunately pass away before they reach their teenage years.

The prognosis for Charlotte wasn’t good. She spent many of her first days in hospital and her parents were told that she would not live to be a year old.

Determined to make her life as lovely as possible, Emma and Scott embraced her with love and affection, and it made all the difference.

She was so small that her newborn clothes were all doll’s clothes and her diapers were so tiny they were difficult to handle.

Within the first weeks of her life, Charlotte’s parents weren’t even allowed to pick her up because she was so fragile and easy to break.

As she’s grown, Charlotte is still very careful about her health but she has surpassed all expectations.

The little girl still has many problems – she still uses a feeding tube – but she is having the time of her life.

Both her parents and her siblings testify that although small in stature, Charlotte has a big personality.

Most of her photos show her with a big smile on her face as she poses next to rabbits, milk bottles and ponies, all which look gigantic next to her.

Even at the age of five, she still wears toddler clothes – but her spirits are as high as ever.

The misfortune has also taught Emma and Scott to stop worrying about the future and enjoy the time they have with their daughter.

Of course, they worry about her and how fragile she is, but according to experts she is a one in a million case of her condition.

Her social skills are already improving and she is becoming more and more comfortable around others.

Above all, Charlotte’s story is a great tale of love and human resistance.

We hope she stays happy and healthy for many years to come – and we hope you share her inspirational story with friends and family!

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