You might never throw away the onion peels again after reading this, video

Onion is the basis of most of the meals we cook and eat, and not only does it add a lot of flavor to our food, it also contains antioxidants and minerals that our body needs.

These amazing onions contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and copper, which are all essential for a healthy body. But something we didn’t know about onions is that their peels also contain all this goodness. By using the peel
we can do something that our plants will thank us for.

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Follow the instructions below to create your own fertilizer using a simple and inexpensive method.

1. Place the onion peels in a bowl

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2. Fill with 1 liter of water (a little more than 4 cups).

3. Close the lid and set aside overnight.

4. Filter the mixture so you have only the liquid left.

5. Then water the pots with this nutritious mixture.

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Watch how easy it is to prepare it in the video below and share this clever trick with your friends and family.

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