Yung Lean new songs “Lazy Summer Day and Chinese Restaurant” are dope | Listen

It’s been roughly five months since Yung Lean blessed fans with his latest album, Stardust but he blessed fans with a quick two-song pack this morning as the summer comes to an end. Lean shared “Lazy Summer Day” and “Chinese Restaurant” on streaming services on Monday morning. The former is a breezy record that captures the calm of the final days of summer.

Truly, there isn’t a better time for this record to drop. “Chinese Restaurant” is a shorter record at 1:16 minutes. Lean’s more charged up on this record in comparison to “Lazy Summer Day” as he takes on soulful production.

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Check out the latest two-song offering from Yung Lean below and let us know which one of his two records you prefer the most.
Quotable Lyrics
Same shit, new day, money in the suitcase
Memories do fade, yeah, they do fade
I’m alone at a Chinese restaurant
Late nights, same flights, shiny emeralds

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